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Sexual by Nature?

I’m passionate about Intimacy: about fully expressing ourselves, enjoying our bodies and exploring connection to ourselves and others in ways that feel safe and fun for everyone.

Our bodies form the container for our Life-Force; the Eros energy that fuels our personal expression, sexuality, passion, creativity and drive for self-preservation and evolution.

Our bodies are designed for Connection

Many of us, without even being aware of it, experience life events which create a bypass to the natural neural pathways that allow connection. We call this Trauma. The experience of Trauma causes us to contract, limiting our capacity to experience the deepest levels of sexual connection, joy and pleasure. 

Getting curious about your Sex gives you the key to unlocking what's holding you back from a fulfilling and connected existence because how you show up in Sex reflects how you show up in Life.

However you are experiencing your Sexuality is perfectly Natural.

And there is a deeper potential just beyond the edge of your perception... 

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Emma Harper | Psychosexual Somatics® Therapist

Psychosexual Somatics

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Sexual history assessment

How we show up in Sex reflects how we show up in Life. This session is where we look under the bedsheets to explore your patterns and goals. All treatment programmes start here with a 1 ½ hour personal assessment.

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